House HR

The single-family house is located in a settlement dominated by single-family houses in close proximity to nature and large meadows. Therefore, the location of the land dictates the shape of the house, the courtyard and the entrance to the house is possible from the NW side, and consequently the house from this side is a bit more closed type, while the outdoor terrace on the south side with a lot of glazing opens onto the outdoor pool, the surrounding hills and meadows which descend steeply into the valley. The three floors of the building allow a good spatial and functional division of the house according to the needs of the family.

We have designed a functional layout that allows the family to have a space to socialise, but also to retreat to individual spaces for work and rest. To the NW is an access road, which opens up to a courtyard and carport and shed, which also gives us covered access to the front of the house. The kitchen, dining and living areas are directly connected to the spacious outdoor terrace made of polished concrete and the outdoor swimming pool, to which we added a cover system made of larch planks. The ground floor of the house is divided into two parts: the living and office area to the north and the bedroom area, where the parents reign supreme, on the right side of the house, with its own dressing room, bathroom and bedroom, which has a large glazed window with a beautiful view of the garden and the valley. There are two children's rooms in the attic and a gallery overlooking the ground-floor living area.