House M

Renovation of a residential unit in a family house required the demolition of walls and a new layout of the interior throughout the apartment to achieve a good end result. We made good use of the existing staircase and transformed it into functional storage surfaces, including a pantry accessible through the kitchen and cabinets and seating in the entrance area.

In addition to the interior design, we also undertook the design and construction of a covered external staircase, creating a comprehensive design and connection between the interior and exterior. The removal of certain walls now allows for a circular flow between rooms and places the fireplace with seating surfaces in the center, while also providing a beautiful built-in space with shelves and a niche for storing firewood.

In the kitchen, we have plenty of natural light coming through a large window above the counter, providing a pleasant environment for working on kitchen surfaces. To further improve communication between the kitchen and dining room, we added an extension to the kitchen counter and gained space for two bar stools.