Appartment Brussels

During the renovation of an old rural house near Brussels, our goal was to create a modern and functional home for a family that reflected their lifestyle and their need for space to socialize and relax. To achieve this, we redesigned the floor plan by demolishing some walls and allowing for better use of space and natural light. The result is a modern and comfortable home.

In designing the interior, we chose a combination of white, wood, and metallic details to add texture to the space. All of the interior design was custom-made to allow for optimal use of space. White color plays a significant role in the perception of space as it visually enlarges it due to its ability to reflect light. Wooden elements added warmth and softened the atmosphere of the space.

We paid special attention to the functionality of the kitchen, designed to provide enough space for cooking, working surfaces, storage, and socializing.

The fireplace plays a key role in connecting two rooms, as it is visible from both the dining room and living room. Large sliding glass doors allow for closing and opening of the space, providing great flexibility in the use of the area.