House H

For a private client, we designed a single-family house in the vicinity of Stična. The rugged terrain dictated that the house be divided into three programmatically distinct floors: service, living and sleeping areas. Despite the three floors, we won’t feel in any way alienated from the green spaces. The cascades will help to overcome the height difference between the basement and the ground floor in a soft way, creating quality small spaces for leisure between them. Access to the building will be possible either in the basement or on the ground floor.

The design has placed great emphasis on the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces and movement through and around the building. The heart of the house will be the central living space, with large expanses of glass that will blur the boundaries between outside and inside. Vertical circulation is provided on both sides and in the middle of the building, allowing us to move around and around the building. The compact design will be articulated by vertical wooden slats, which will also serve as shading and fencing for the house.

In addition to the service rooms, there will be a spa in the basement. The central staircase leads up to the ground floor and the sleeping area with bathroom in the attic. In addition to the two children's bedrooms, there will be a bedroom with its own wardrobe space at the customer's request. The connecting corridor will also have a study area with a movable wall to allow privacy if desired.